drrazdolsky optYan Razdolsky, DDS, has turned his Buffalo Grove, Ill, orthodontic practice, Forever Smiles, into an art gallery, as the practice hosts a student art exhibit. Razdolsky invited local art students to his office for a field trip in February and they created orthodontics-inspired artwork based on what they learned. The exhibit is entitled “What Makes You Smile.”

Patients and guests are invited to vote by visiting Razdolsky’s office, or by checking out photos from the exhibit on the practice’s Facebook page and “liking” their favorites. The winner, which will be announced May 6, 2013, will receive a scholarship to cover one semester of art classes and art supplies. The second place winner will receive a scholarship for one semester of classes and the third place winner will receive art supplies.

“I’ve always loved how art and science combine in orthodontics,” says Razdolsky. “It’s rewarding to show that to students, because not many people realize this.”