Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions, Chatsworth, Calif, has added a 3D module to its Imaging 11 program. A 2D Facial Photo Wrap function allows the clinician to easily create a texture map on the facial surface of any CBCT, CT, or MRI scan. Simply import the 2D frontal photo, and Dolphin 3D guides the user through a step-by-step process to add the photo to the 3D volume. No additional devices or add-ons are needed. Other additions include airway/sinus analysis to automatically locate and measure airway or sinus volume; volume sculpting to isolate and extract condyles, maxilla, and mandible, and remove irrelevant data; mirroring analysis of volume and facial surface data to visually detect hard- and soft-tissue asymmetry; and dual volume superimposition to superimpose volume scans from different time points to visually track treatment changes in bones and in airways.
Dolphin products integrate with digital x-ray units, CBCT systems, telephonic solutions, and Web-enabled applications, and are compatible with Intel-based Macintosh computers.
For more information, visit www.dolphinimaging.com.

[Dolphin Imaging, October 2008]