Morita_Veraview_X800J. Morita USA, Irvine, Calif, has unveiled the Veraview X800, a new multifunctional x-ray unit with 3D, panoramic, and cephalometric capabilities.

Veraview X800 features progressive technology that automatically sets the optimal x-ray beam angle, horizontal 3D or raised 5° for 2D panoramic images. According to the company, this slight upward projection for panoramic imaging enhances image quality by eliminating potential super imposition of anatomical structures including the shadow from the base of the skull and hard palate over the maxillary teeth. For 3D imaging, a horizontal beam reportedly minimizes distortion and reduces metal artifacts. This means the X800 unit self-adjusts to optimize image quality during both acquisition techniques.

With the Veraview X800, the CBCT imaging clarity has also been improved with a reduced voxel size of 80 ?m and a resolution of up to 11 fields of view (FOV) covering dental and maxillofacial areas. This model also offers Morita’s exclusive 3D Reuleaux Full Arch FOV. According to the company, the shape of this FOV closely matches the shape of the natural dental arch, therefore reducing dose by excluding areas outside the region of interest.

The Veraview X800 also features Morita’s zoom reconstruction capability. If a larger field of view is acquired, and there is a need to increase the resolution in a selected part of the scan, this region can be reconstructed at the highest resolution of 80 ?m without repeating the scan—saving the patient from unnecessary retakes. Moreover, two 3D exposure modes are included to offer more control and flexibility with acquisition time and resolution with 360° or 180° rotation.

Additional features include partial panoramic/cephalometric images, extra oral bitewing module, adjustable chin rest height, and i-Dixel 2.0 3D imaging software with a DICOM export function.

Intended for a number of dental applications, Veraview X800 can be used in orthodontics.