Sirona Dental Systems, manufacturer of dental equipment, is offering a “pay per exposure” (PPE) pricing program to give dentists the power of digital imaging without the usual capital investment associated with the purchase of a digital unit.

The Orthophos XG3 PPE program is designed for young dentists building a practice or dentists who are interested in an entry-level digital or film-based unit. According to the company, it offers benefits that are not available with film-based imaging, including direct digital scans in less than 30 seconds, no waste or chemical procedures, better workflow, illustration and analysis capabilities, and comprehensive diagnostics capabilities. 

Users can purchase and use digital exposures on a “pay as you” go basis—the system works as an exposure debit card. Initially offered by Sirona as an entry level panoramic unit with a base price similar to a film system, the Orthophos XG3 PPE is a variation of the Orthhophos XG 3 DS panoramic unit.

[Sirona, January 15, 2007]