As part of its multifaceted Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait™ Awareness Campaign, the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA), Eatontown, NJ, is encouraging dental professionals to take advantage of its online Private Print Shop, a print-on-demand option for producing the quality dental practice marketing materials provided by the organization.

The site was created exclusively for dental professionals who would like to continue to raise oral health awareness for their patients and encourage regular visits to their practices.

According to DTA CEO Gary Price, “These are sophisticated consumer marketing materials, created by a leading dental industry advertising agency, that promote the importance of seeing one’s dentist on a regular basis in order to maintain one’s oral and overall health. Creating this caliber of marketing materials would cost an individual dentist thousands of dollars for the concepts and designs alone. We’re providing these finished designs free of charge, while providing a convenient and competitively priced means for custom-producing them.”

The user simply chooses the desired marketing products, enters the quantity, customizes the products, and then checks out. Some of the items available for on-demand printing include patient education brochures, patient recall postcards, and statement stuffers.