BeamYourScreen, Mannheim, Germany, a provider of Web-conferencing tools, has developed a screen-sharing technology, Beam2Present, which allows orthodontists to present any content on their computer live over the Internet while discussing a case on the phone.

If one or both parents are unable to be at the initial consultation, Beam2Present allows the treatment coordinator to go over the patient’s records remotely.

"BeamYourScreen has helped us communicate with parents who are unable to attend an exam," said Doug Depew, DMD, of Depew Orthodontics. "While viewing images and videos that we control from our computer, we are able to talk to the absent parents and show them our treatment recommendations in real time, even when their child is sitting in the office."

Parents can view the patient’s digital images, digital x-rays, patient educational software (including videos), and even 3D digital study models, all while listening over the phone and participating in a real-time consultation. Parents simply open a standard Internet browser and enter a unique session ID number, enabling them to instantly view the orthodontist’s desktop.

"It has dramatically improved our conversion ratio, and the common objection ‘Oh I need to talk to Dad first’ is now rarely heard," Depew said. "Many of our patients come from quite far away or have a parent who lives out of state, so it also saves them travel time and cost."

To get started, orthodontists install a small piece of software on their computer. Upon starting a session, the physician obtains a nine-digit session ID number and has the parent enter this ID on their own computer in order to join the session. Without any downloads or firewall changes required, the parent can then join the live presentation either from the Beam2Present homepage or right from the physician’s Web site.

Physicians can record the presentation so the parents may later relive the consultation. Once the presentation and consultation is complete, the physician may end the meeting and subsequently the transmission of their computer screen. The session transmission is 256 Bit end-to-end encrypted, ensuring the privacy of the patient and their personal data. The doctor’s PC content is only visible when a session is running and a guest has joined the session with a unique nine-digit session ID.

Visit the Beam2Present Orthodontic homepage to take advantage of a special 14-day Free Trial offer.