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We’re back with another episode of In the Sterilization Room with Jackie. In this episode, infection control and prevention expert Jackie Dorst, RDH, BS, provides updates on PPE shortages. While practices are getting deliveries of masks, gowns are proving harder to find. Dorst explains why DIY mask efforts might need to be redirected at making gowns; and she explains why the focus should be on cleaning, not sterilizing gowns. 

Dorst also talks about instrument sterilization, specifically packaging instruments before sterilization to meet CDC guidance.

And as practices continue to reopen, Dorst gives some advice on how to communicate with patients to calm their nerves and assure them that your practice is going the extra mile to keep them safe. 

Editor’s note: We have updated the text above to better reflect what Dorst talked about in relation to instrument sterilization.