With COVID-19 vaccination roaring along, a new supply shortage has emerged. First we had masks, then disinfectant wipes and gloves. Next up: sharps disposal containers.

While orthodontic practices don’t typically cycle through sharps disposal containers that frequently, the CDC issued guidance to help healthcare settings, including dental settings, navigate any potential disruption. In this episode of In the Sterilization Room, infection prevention expert Jackie Dorst, RDH, BS, provides

  • a breakdown of the CDC guidance, including alternative containers should orthodontic practices be unable to purchase a replacement container during the shortage.
  • guidance to ensure you are in compliance with OSHA requirements should you have to use one of these alternative containers.

In addition, Jackie provides a refresher for practices, including

  • the best types of sharps disposal containers for the orthodontic setting
  • CDC and OSHA guidance during normal times
  • the ideal location for your practice’s sharps disposal container
  • suggestions on how to transport your sharps (wires) to the container safely
  • how to dispose of your sharps disposal container. OP