ClearCorrect™, Houston, Tex, has launched Phase Out™, a new charitable project. The company is partnering with charity: water, an organization dedicated to bringing safe and clean drinking water to those in need.

The Phase Out initiative was inspired by ClearCorrect’s phase-basedclear aligner system. Every ClearCorrect case includes a certain numberof phases (a phase is a box with four sets of clear aligners). Moreoften than not, a few phases are left over at the end of treatment.Starting January 1, 2012, for each leftover phase, the company willdonate $20 toward “phasing out life-impacting issues for people inneed.”

ClearCorrect’s partnership with charity: water is the first ofseveral Phase Out initiatives the company envisions for the project. Themoney raised will go towards building wells and other water projects indeveloping nations.

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