ClearCorrect has made updates to its Premier Aligner product and supporting software, including the Doctor Portal and Clear Pilot treatment viewing platform. 

ClearCorrect, an orthodontic solutions provider, has launched a series of new solutions and innovations to the global market. The latest updates are aimed at helping dental and orthodontic practitioners achieved their desired treatment results for an expanded group of treatable patients. According to the company, specific updates have been made to the Premier Aligner, Digital Workflow, and Practice Growth offering.

“ClearCorrect is thrilled to launch these new solutions and features globally. Our latest wave of innovations allows clinicians to treat more complex cases, and we will continue to work together in partnership with clinicians to bring healthier, more confident smiles to patients,” said Laura Sterling, head of global marketing and education

To further strengthen their partnership with clinicians, ClearCorrect is making more resources and tools available to practices and their teams through the Practice Growth Offering. This newly assembled suite of marketing, education, and business resources reportedly is designed to empower clinicians and staff to grow their practice together and convert patients to ClearCorrect with confidence.

In addition, ClearCorrect has introduced two new ClearControl Clinical Features, which are intended to help clinicians treat more patients. Optimized and patented for the ClearCorrect system, Posterior Bite Ramps feature an innovative three-arch design, that will enable the treatment of crossbite cases, according to the company. Moreover, Extended-beveled Engagers have been developed to address complex movements including rotations and extrusions.

To enable a more efficient and precise engager placement, ClearCorrect is introducing the next generation of Engager Template. According to ClearCorrect, this Engager Template features a thinner and more flexible material and a low and flat trimline. The roll-out of this new Engager Template is expected to begin in November.

In line with the company’s commitment to clinical digitalization and efficient digital workflows, three optimized solutions have also been launched globally to improve the integrated and intuitive software platforms.

A new Active Aligner Case Upgrades feature reportedly gives clinicians the option to easily upgrade plans at any time during treatment directly in the Doctor Portal. The Doctor Portal has also been revamped with a new homepage, including an improved dashboard and optimized case list, that reportedly adapts to any practice workflow and allows clinicians to organize and manage their clear aligner business.

When it comes to ClearPilot™ 7.0, clinicians will have access to visualization tools like Bite Jump Simulation, advanced editing tools for arch adjustment, additional ClearControl Clinical Feature controls, and user interface improvements. The company says this will make it easier for clinicians to build and evaluate treatment plans, resulting in a more efficient treatment planning experience.