Gestenco introduced the Rodneys Aligner Seater with a rod, designed to help fit aligner trays closer to the teeth for proper treatment.

Made of medical grade TPE plastic for a smooth and convenient application, Gestenco’s Rodneys Aligner Seater with rod helps aligner trays fit closer to the teeth to ensure it reaches its preset position and orthodontic force.

The rod is more convenient and hygienic for the patient and doctors who no longer need to stick their fingers in the patient’s mouth. The rod can be easily removed and comes in different flavors, like mint, lemon, and melon.

Using Rodneys regularly will ensure a proper fit for the aligners. Gestenco recommends using Rodneys 3 to 5 times per day for about 2 to 3 minutes, and each time a new aligner is used.

The goal is to ensure the aligners fit correctly and tightly with no gaps in between.

Rodneys are helpful for teeth with less surface area, according to Gestenco, for example, teeth with smaller crowns. They are also helpful in locking in attachments to the aligners.

They are washable and easy to clean. The unique plastic rod is designed for easier control and holds the soft cylinder in place.