Dentsply Sirona received the Silver Dolphin award at the Corporate Media and TV Awards in Cannes for a short film about the Primeprint 3D printing solution.

Dentsply Sirona was given the Silver Dolphin at this year’s Corporate Media and TV Awards in Cannes for its short film The Magic Inside – Primeprint 3D Printing Solution.

The short film offers insight into the Primeprint 3D printing system’s innovative interiors, impressing the jury in the Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences category.

The Magic Inside – Primeprint 3D Printing Solution sees fictional characters Daniel Prime and Dr Isabelle Quinn present Dentsply Sirona’s latest Primeprint Solution as a masterpiece of engineering art through an exciting virtual journey.

The short film featured international actors Seumas Sargent and Annabelle Mandeng and was created with Dentsply Sirona’s production partner and digital agency, which was in charge of the launch communication of Primeprint.

“We are thrilled to receive one of the most coveted international marketing awards – for the second time – with Primeprint as the star of the film,” said Swen Deussen, vice president of marketing digital platforms and solutions at Dentsply Sirona. “ did a fantastic job of bringing the state-of-art Primeprint Solution to life, explaining all its great features in a clear and incredibly engaging way for the dental community.”

The latest accolade is the second Corporate Media and TV Award for Dentsply Sirona, with the Primescan launch film, It’s Prime Time, also winning a Silver Dolphin from the Cannes jury in 2019.

The international marketing festival takes place annually, honoring the best corporate films, online media productions, and documentaries. It is widely considered one of the most important international events in the corporate film industry.