Summary: orthobrain’s simplyclear aligners were awarded Product of the Year by Benco. The aligner system includes concierge-level clinical support and helps dentists increase revenue by providing efficient, effective orthodontic care.

Key Takeaways:

  • Award Recognition: orthobrain’s simplyclear aligners were named Product of the Year by Benco.
  • Comprehensive Support: The aligner system comes with clinical support, including access to US-based orthodontic experts.

orthobrain announced that its simplyclear aligners were recently awarded Product of the Year by Benco, a national, family-owned dental distributor.

orthobrain simplyclear Aligner System

The simplyclear aligner system is designed to provide patients with an easy, effective way to achieve healthier, straighter smiles, according to orthobrain. “We started offering simplyclear aligners because of patients’ and dentists’ desire for high-quality and affordable aligners,” said Richard Uria, president of orthobrain. “And we go beyond the plastic. Our products come with concierge-level clinical support. That means with orthobrain, dentists are never alone when it comes to providing orthodontic care.”

Comprehensive Clinical Support

orthobrain offers a virtual ortho team offering access to US-based experts in business optimization and clinical support. The brand’s Perfect Smile Plan features orthodontist-written diagnoses, treatment plans, aligner designs, and personalized assessment videos of patients by orthodontists.

Enhancing Dental Practices

To help dentists increase revenue, orthobrain works with dentists to provide quality care that results in fewer refinements, lower costs, and ultimately increased profitability. “What orthobrain offers aligns with Benco’s mission and purpose,” said Julie Radzyminski, vice president of business development at Benco Dental. “orthobrain is helping revolutionize the industry, by delivering a great product that works for the practice and their patients. The product, technology, and partnership are ways we can drive dentistry forward, together and deliver results for years to come.”