DentalEZ Group, Malvern, Pa, has introduced its 2010 Product Catalog and Price List. The 180-page product represents all of the classic DentalEZ Group brands, with the addition of the group’s latest brand, NevinLabs. 

The 2010 product catalog displays offerings such as the LED-based everLight and StarDental’s NuTorque Lite programmable electric handpiece system, as well as the DentalEZ J/V-Generation Chair, StarDental’s 430 SWL High-Speed Handpiece Series, and a complete line of CustomAir and RAMVAC pumps and system components. 

The new catalog includes a handpiece maintenance section that is filled with tips on maintaining all StarDental handpieces, including how to extend the life of your turbine for high speeds, and how to properly place your StarDental handpiece burs to prevent "bur walkout."

The catalog also has a full listing of the DentalEZ sales force, including sales territories and contact information for each representative.  

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