Vivos Therapeutics announced strategic agreements with Ormco and On Demand Orthodontist to expand its product line and improve cost savings for providers.

Vivos Therapeutics, a medical device and technology company specializing in oral appliances for the treatment of breathing-related sleep disorders, announced two key strategic agreements with Ormco and On Demand Orthodontist .

The agreements are aimed at expanding Vivos’ current line of sleep-related products.

The collaboration with Ormco will pair Vivos Care devices with Spark Aligners and will include joint marketing and sales support from both companies.

“The vast majority of our Vivos-trained providers use clear aligners as a key component of their Vivos treatment,” said Kirk Huntsman, Vivos’ chairman and chief executive officer. “This agreement facilitates a strong collaboration effort between Vivos and Ormco, and paves the way for joint marketing and sales support from each company’s field sales teams. Using Vivos Care devices with Spark Aligners, we expect Vivos patients to see faster treatment times and improved predictability for positive clinical outcomes.”

The agreement with On Demand Orthodontist will give Vivos providers direct access and case collaboration with airway-focused orthodontic specialists who can optimize clinical outcomes for Vivos cases.

“At ODO, we have worked closely for some time now consulting with Vivos doctors on their cases, and we have been extremely impressed by what we have seen,” said John Warford, DDS, clinical director at On Demand Orthodontists. “From our direct clinical observations, Vivos CARE device technology appears to work symbiotically with Spark Clear Aligners, to deliver a beautiful new smile for patients. There is simply no other combination of products and techniques that compares to what we are able to do with Spark Aligners and Vivos Care devices for patients with compromised airways.”

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