SnoreLessNow announced that its new Anti-Snore Mouth Guard+ mandibular advancement device has received FDA clearance.

SnoreLessNow, a Maryland-based company, is set to introduce the Anti-snore Mouth Guard+ to the United States in March 2024. This over-the-counter snoring solution is a result of SnoreLessNow’s partnership with Swiss manufacturer Oscimed SA.

Known as the SomnoFit-S in Europe, the Anti-Snore Mouth Guard+ is a dental appliance designed to reduce snoring by gently positioning the jaw forward, allowing for increased airflow and eliminating airway obstruction by mouth tissues. Notably, it does not require masks, hoses, or electronics.

The device utilizes a patented adjustment band, enabling the jaw to move freely. This allows users to talk and drink while wearing it. The band spans across the front teeth, distributing tension evenly for comfort and effectiveness.

Manufactured in the Jura region of Switzerland, the material is made of high-quality Swiss biomedical polymers, using up to 40% less material than other mandibular advancement devices in the U.S. market, according to the company. This makes the device more flexible and discreet.

The Anti-snore Mouth Guard+ uses a simple molding method, involving placement in hot water to create a customizable fit for the user. It can be remolded more than once if needed.

Already available in Europe and found in Swiss pharmacies, the device does not require a prescription for purchase.

Photo courtesy of SnoreLessNow