Gestenco’s Imagination Half&Half archwire is a half-coated tooth colored design, aimed at reducing wear from brackets.

Gestenco introduced a new archwire design called Imagination Half&Half that adopts a half-coated approach. The half-coated tooth colored archwire design aims to address practical issues associated with conventional fully coated wires in orthodontic treatments.

The half-coated archwire minimizes friction between the wire and bracket slot compared to fully coated wires. Only, the raw wire is in contact with the bracket, preventing the coating from hindering wire movement.

The design also ensures a longer-lasting coating by avoiding direct contact between the bracket and the coating, reducing issues like scratching and premature wear for a more durable solution.

The half-coating does not affect the fit relationship between the wire and bracket, according to Gestenco. As a result, wire protocol remains the same. Movements such as torque and tipping are subsequently fully expressed according to the wire size.

The coating material is made from a special durable polymer to enhance longevity and prevent discoloration and scraping off, for a consistent aesthetic appearance.

The Imagination Half&Half archwire is available in all sizes.