Terry Gunning joined Cadent, Carlstadt, NJ, as CEO in 2007. Gunning previously served as president at Datascope’s cardiac assist division; as vice president of the corporate anatomic pathology division at Quest Diagnostics; and held marketing-related senior management positions at Johnson & Johnson and at Bristol-Myers Squibb.

OP: How long has Cadent provided products to the orthodontic market?

Gunning: Since 1999, Cadent has processed more than 1 million OrthoCAD digital study model cases and 35,000 bracket placement cases worldwide. Currently, close to 15% of US orthodontic cases begin with the use of OrthoCAD products.

OP: How do your 3D digital solutions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of orthodontic treatments?

Gunning: Cadent’s orthodontic services, marketed under the brand name, OrthoCAD™, provide 3D digital models for orthodontic treatment planning and for the correct placement of appliances. OrthoCAD study models allow the orthodontist to make accurate measurements for the treatment plan, eliminate plaster model storage and retrieval issues, and improve communication with health care consultants and patients. OrthoCAD’s iQ™ service uses software to allow practitioners to simulate treatment strategies and select and execute the most appropriate treatment plan, including optimal positioning of orthodontic brackets. iQ allows the ability to see post-treatment results on the screen before treatment even begins.

OP: What are the benefits of OrthoCAD’s iQ?

Gunning: iQ benefits patients and orthodontists by allowing accurate bracket positioning from the start for greater efficiency throughout the entire treatment process. It provides an 80% reduction in practitioner time on bonding day, fewer repositions and wire bends, a 25% reduction in treatment time, and 25% additional time in the schedule.

OP: What type of training does your company provide to orthodontists?

Gunning: Our goal is to provide world-class training that ensures an easy transition to our digital services. The OrthoCAD software support team offers free software telephone training for orthodontists and members of their staff. For OrthoCAD iQ, a clinical trainer travels to the orthodontist’s location and teaches the entire office the clinical steps that are required to achieve successful treatment results. The OrthoCAD iQ in-house orthodontists conduct case approval and follow-up telephone training sessions, and answer any questions the practitioner may have. Our regional representatives are also available to provide assistance to offices.