OraMetrix, maker of SureSmile, has selected the RocketStreamTM data transfer solution to streamline data transfers for the SureSmile orthodontic treatment process. The most recent version of the SureSmile software supports the use of 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography, which generates large data files that must be sent to OraMetrix facilities to create precise archwires tailored for each patient.

"Because of the large size of the CT images, we have been using a manual CD-ROM and conventional ‘snail mail’ to transfer this data," said Phil Getto, chief technology officer at OraMetrix. "RocketStream provides our orthodontists with an easy-to-use and powerful tool for transmitting these files at speeds much faster than traditional FTP. RocketStream’s security features ensure that patient records remain secure, and the built-in reliability features ensure integrity of the data. As a result, our patients obtain great smiles in less time."

"Advances in dental and medical imaging are creating extremely large amounts of data that must be transferred between diverse locations," added Jay Elliot, president of RocketStream. "FTP was developed in the early days of the Internet and was never designed to handle such large files or to provide stringent security. RocketStream solves both of these problems, accelerating file transfers by up to 200 times faster than FTP and encrypting data in transit, and consequently, the dental and medical imaging market represents an excellent fit for the RocketStream solution."

For more information, contact OraMetrix.