Greeting Patients

Charlene N. White, Consultant
Virginia Beach, Va

It is very important to make connections with potential new patients when you first meet them. There are five parts to an effective greeting that can help build that connection.

  1. OPEN: Open your body. Uncross your arms. Pull your shoulders back. Sit up straight.
  2. EYE: Make good eye contact.

  3. BEAM: Flash a smile at them.
  4. HI: Say, “Hello!”
  5. LEAN: Lean slightly toward them to show your interest.

By using these five easy steps, you will make that person feel like he or she is valuable in your eyes, and he or she will be that much more likely to start or continue treatment with you.

Promotional Water Bottles

Phillip Parker, DDS, MS, PC
Norman, Okla

I received an incredible return on investment when I donated customized water bottles to our local sports leagues. The unique marketing idea and the high-quality, affordable bottles came from Smile! ( The bottles put my practice in the hands of a broad group of people who will use them over and over again. We put other items in the bottles as we give them away, such as brochures and pens. They have created a buzz around town, and when parents fill out our forms to tell us how they heard about us, they actually write “water bottle.” I couldn’t get this kind of repeat exposure at such a low cost from traditional approaches like direct mail. It’s the best marketing we did all year!