Carestream Dental has launched Rx Manager by Sensei, a cloud-based module for electronic prescription management.

Carestream Dental has introduced Rx Manager, a Sensei product, a cloud-based module for electronic prescription management. This patient solution aims to enhance the company’s Sensei practice and patient solution brand.

Sensei has prioritized cybersecurity in the selection of its technology partner iCoreConnect to launch Rx Manager. By integrating encryption, ongoing surveillance and adherence to HIPAA standards, the module is designed to counter digital threats to dental care.

Carestream Dental says it took care to make the integration of Rx Manager into dental practice management software as smooth as possible. From instant alerts on drug interactions and transparent medication pricing, to a detailed 10-year prescription history, the module includes a comprehensive suite of features that extend beyond basic electronic prescribing..

“At Sensei, Carestream Dental’s practice management business, our mission is to empower dental practices with cutting-edge solutions, all while guaranteeing the highest standards of security and reliability,” said Monica Minore, chief revenue officer, Sensei. “The introduction of Rx Manager epitomizes our dedication to meeting our clients’ evolving needs. We are proud to present a solution that reimagines the future of electronic prescription management.”

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