According to a study by D. Kecik and colleagues at the Baskent University Department of Orthodontics, Ankara, Turkey, “The purpose of this clinical approach is to present the successful treatment of the severely protruded and extruded premaxilla with high-pull J-hook headgear. Two patients with bilateral cleft lip and palate deformity and a protruding and extruding premaxilla causing a deep bite were treated with high-pull J-hook headgear and fixed orthodontic appliances.

“The lateral cephalometric measurements before and after orthodontic treatment were evaluated with Ricketts analysis. The premaxillae of the two patients were repositioned, correcting the deep overbite and overjet and a well-functioning occlusion was attained.”

The researchers concluded, “The repositioning of an inferiorly positioned and protruded premaxilla with J-hook headgear is an alternative treatment approach compared to other treatment modalities.”

Kecik and colleagues published their study in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery.