When you need to move teeth more quickly or accurately, a TAD, or temporary anchorage device can be key. Here are 10 options currently on the market.


3M Unitek TAD System

The 3M Unitek TAD offers fixed anchorage for efficient space closure, open bite correction and other orthodontic treatment. It has multifaceted uses ranging from traditional needs of anchorage for space closure to skeletal malocclusions of patients. The uniqueness of this system is its simplicity: a one head design, with one size diameter and three different lengths.

For more information, visit 3M.com/ortho.


Aarhus System Mini Implant Screws/TADs

Pairing premium materials with optimal sizing, Aarhus Mini-Screws yield a perfect balance of strength and working diameter for maximum clinical application. The material, Ti6I4V, is a high strength titanium alloy noted for its biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. The 1.5mm thread diameter permits placement in narrow inter-radicular spaces without sacrificing strength.

For more information, visit AmericanOrtho.com.

TAD Assisted RPE

Incorporating TADs into orthodontic appliance therapy has been common practice at DynaFlex for many years. This includes appliances designed to act as anchorage, laterally develop the arches and for arch lengthening purposes. You can be as creative as you wish when it comes to utilizing TADs in your appliance designs.

For more information, visit DynaFlex.com.

OrthoEasy Pal

OrthoEasy Pal was developed by Forestadent USA specifically for the anchorage in the palate. Now appliances for palatal expansion and distalization or mesialization can be attached quicker and easier. The head of the OrthoEasy Pal is equipped with a practical inner thread so the abutments can simply be attached with a retaining screw.

For more information, visit ForestadentUSA.com.

Nickel Titanium G4 NiTi TAD Closed Coil Springs

The unique universal eyelet design fits over virtually any implant screw and snaps in place locking positively on the screw neck. G&H Orthodontics’ Closed Coil TAD Springs are available in 11mm, 13mm, 15mm, and 17mm passive lengths, each with 3 available force values – Light (150g), Medium (200g), and Heavy (250g) 10 springs per box.

For more information, visit GHOrthodontics.com.

TAD Springs

Modern Arch’s Niti TAD springs are offered in multiple lengths and dimensions, for lasting pull-forces, all with Modern Arch quality assurance.

For more information, visit ModernArches.com.

TAD-Based Appliances

NeoLab has the perfect complements to your TAD-based treatment plan. Whether you’re looking for a traditional expander, an acrylic-based option, a distalizer, or a CAD/CAM design, we can customize your favorite appliances to accommodate your preferred TADs and placement. Take advantage of extra anchorage with a custom TAD-based appliance.

For more information, visit NeoLab.com.


Spider Screw TAD System

The Spider Screw TAD System’s versatility is due to its small dimensions and patented design. The Spider Screw bracket-like head series feature perpendicular round slots plus generous under tie-wing area. Ortho Technology offers it in short or long collared neck sizes, self-drilling and self-tapping asymmetrical thread versions, and a self-ligating head option.

For more information, visit OrthoTechnology.com.

VectorTAS Temporary Anchorage System

Designed by orthodontists specifically for orthodontic use, Ormco’s VectorTAS is a coordinated system of miniscrews, attachments and instruments that provide clinicians with the benefits of temporary anchorage. They are designed to replace anchorage provided by headgear to reduce reliance on patient compliance, reduce anchorage demand, and reduce treatment time.

For more information, visit Ormco.com.

RMO Dual-Top TAD System

RMO Dual-Top TADs are made of surgical grade titanium featuring three unique head variations including Button Top, Bracket Top, and Cross Top for flexibility in treatment planning. Self-drilling and self-tapping, RMO TADs can be inserted manually or with the Orthonia battery-powered torque limiting driver for added precision.

For more information, visit RMOrtho.com.

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