Intruding anterior teeth has been one of the most challenging tooth movements that orthodontists face. After I invented and developed the Bendistal Pliers to bend distal ends of all kinds of superelastic wires without annealing, I started using this unique tool to place permanent V-bends on tied superelastic archwires and activate those wires to intrude maxillary and mandibular incisors. The effect of this one-squeeze, routine adjustment in the patient’s mouth has revolutionized the traditional treatment techniques of deep overbites, and can help with nonsurgical correction of Class III and crossbite cases as well.

I use this new technique routinely in my office, and have collected a huge amount of clinical data showing its validity in dealing with those stubborn orthodontic problems. I have published and lectured on this topic, and am ready to give extensive courses about this technique anywhere, anytime, to share my experience with my orthodontic colleagues around the world.