The AAO endorsed retirement solutions company Perfect401(k) after it was evaluated by the AAO Business Development Task Force.

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) has endorsed Perfect401(k), a provider of customized 401(k) retirement solutions specifically designed for the orthodontics industry. The AAO stated that Perfect401(k) is dedicated to offering orthodontists a streamlined, cost-effective approach to a retirement plan for their practices.

Perfect401(k) has a focus on minimizing fees and maximizing plan flexibility, and offering support and service to employers and their plan participant employees. The AAO says that the company’s approach aligns with its mission to support members with valuable, vetted resources.

The endorsement by the AAO signifies that the company has passed a rigorous evaluation by the AAO Business Development Task Force, to ensure that its services meet the standards expected by AAO members.

“Perfect401(k) exemplifies the type of partnership we seek in our endorsement program,” said Lindsey Swacil, product manager, AAO. “Their specialized focus on the orthodontics industry and commitment to reducing the administrative burden of managing retirement plans make them an ideal choice for our members.”

“We are honored to receive the AAO’s endorsement,” said Peter Jones, chief executive officer and president of Perfect401(k). “Our team is committed to providing the orthodontics community with a retirement solution that not only meets their unique needs but also aligns with our mutual goals of cost-efficiency and superior service.”

As part of this endorsement, AAO members will benefit from exclusive discounts and services offered by Perfect401(k).

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