The American Dental Association (ADA) announced that it is “pursuing a new technology enterprise system” for the ADA Credentialing Service. In September, the ADA announced the national launch of the ADA Credentialing Service, using software developed by Wonderbox Technologies, a software firm within the SKYGEN USA group.

The system enables dental professionals throughout the United States to enter their credential information into the ADA Credentialing Service one time where it can then be accessed on-demand by multiple health payers. The ADA Credentialing Service is designed to replace what the ADA calls “the time-consuming, labor-intensive process” of filling out an application for each payer network the provider wishes to join.

Payers, hospitals, employers, and third-party administrators will use a separate ADA URL to access the ADA Credentialing Service and download the provider information. Using the ADA Credentialing Service eliminates the need to contact and follow up with each provider individually when credentialing dentists. Information is thus delivered in minutes instead of days or weeks.

In a press release, the ADA stated that it “remains committed to protecting member data while meeting the credentialing needs of the dental benefits community. During the brief transition period to a new technology provider, the ADA is committed to providing the best continuous service possible for both dental professionals and for payers.”