iCoreRx, enables dental professionals the ability to electronically prescribe all medications, including opioids, narcotics and other controlled substances, according to CEO Robert McDermott.

iCoreConnect has announced the Oklahoma Dental Association (ODA) Rewards Program’s endorsement of iCoreRx. The HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based ePrescription software offers single-click, real-time access to state Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs.

iCoreConnect also has agreements and endorsements from the Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia dental associations.

The ODA represents more than 80% of the licensed dental professionals in Oklahoma. Robert McDermott,iCoreConnect president and chief executive officer, explains why this is a strategic partnership for ODA members. “Oklahoma law now mandates electronic prescribing for Schedule II-V controlled substances,” states McDermott. “With iCoreRx, dental professionals have the ability to electronically prescribe all medications, including opioids, narcotics, and other controlled substances.”

The Oklahoma Dental Association was established in 1907 and currently serves more than 1,600 member practitioners.  The ODA Rewards committee thoroughly vets potential Rewards Partners with a stringent set of criteria. “We want our members to have access to the best resources,” explains Paul Mullasseril, DDS, MS, ODA President. “iCoreRx is an affordable, fully HIPAA-compliant and comprehensive ePrescribing service. It both protects patients and increases practice efficiency,” adds Mullasseril. 

iCoreConnect is committed to working with dental practitioners across Oklahoma as they transition away from paper to ePrescribing.  “With the new e-prescribing law and regulations, our association chose to establish a partnership with an organization that could provide valuable support to our members,” elaborates Mullasseril.  “iCoreConnect’s services are endorsed by multiple other state associations which shows trust and a track record.”  

McDermott expands, “We help our customers navigate transitions like the recent enactment of the Oklahoma prescribing law. It can be daunting for dental professionals to move from what they have always known into a new system. The iCoreRx transition is simple. Practitioners are thrilled to see how the service saves time and increases their practice productivity.”  

iCoreConnect’s entire platform of enterprise software solutions are cloud-based. Doctors have HIPAA-compliant access to their practice management system and can send or receive Protected Health Information from any location, while, according to the company, always meeting all federal regulations.

As a member of the StartUp Health accelerator, the iCoreConnect platform offers more than a dozen SaaS enterprise solutions and more than 30 contracts with state or regional healthcare associations.