Voodoo Manufacturing, a Brooklyn, NY-based manufacturing company specializing in 3D printing, announced its entry into the orthodontics market, offering 3D printing and thermoforming services to prospective partners interested in selling direct-to-consumer aligners.

According to Plastic News, the company has a dedicated wing of 21 Formlab 3D printers and an automated post-processing line that includes two five-axis CNC mills for trimming and laser capabilities to individually mark each aligner with a unique code. The company uses Zendura-brand polyurethane resin from Bay Materials. The company has also automated the polishing, cleaning and sorting processes. With these capabilities, the company is able to produce more than 20,000 aligners per month.

Voodoo reportedly is accepting partners to sell its aligners under their own private labels. The company’s first major direct-to-consumer partner is Utah-based Smilelove LLC, which has been selling at-home teeth straightening kits and aligners since 2017.

In a statement to Plastic News, Voodoo Manufacturing CEO Max Friefeld said the company is offering its fully automated digital process capabilities to companies, dentists, and orthodontists looking to sell their own aligner brands.

Working with Voodoo Manufacturing, Smilelove has reportedly been able to cut its delivery times for customers—from 2 to 5 weeks, to 2 to 5 days.