OP image_AlignAlign Technology, San Jose, Calif, reported record earnings for fiscal year 2012, with net revenues of $560 million, a 16.7% increase over FY 2011.

Align shipped a record 363.5 thousand Invisalign clear aligner cases in 2012, which marked an increase of 17.5% over 2011.

The company also announced $142.8 million in earnings for Q4 2012. Revenues from Invisalign clear aligners, specifically, reached $132.8 million in Q4 2012.

The company shipped 90,500 Invisalign clear aligner cases in Q4 2012, a decrease of 2,500 units compared to Q3 2012, but an overall increase of 11.7% compared to FY 2011.

“I’m very pleased to report a solid fourth quarter which culminated in a record fiscal year for with over 17% growth for Invisalign volume,” said Thomas M. Prescott, president and CEO of Align.

Align expects Q1 2013 net revenues to be in a range of $146 million to $150.5 million, with an expected 95 to 97.5 thousand shipments of Invisalign clear aligner cases.

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