American Orthodontics launched a new business-to-business e-commerce platform to serve its global orthodontic product customers.

Avensia has announced American Orthodontics, a privately-held orthodontic manufacturer, has gone live with its new business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform.

Founded in 1968, American Orthodontics manufactures quality orthodontic products and peripherals for more than 25,000 global customers of orthodontist offices and dental organizations, in more than 110 countries.

American Orthodontics teamed with Avensia for the development and deployment of a new digital commerce site with the purpose of consolidating relevant processes into one system.

“We chose Avensia due to the company’s significant expertise and outstanding track record in successful digital commerce deployments,” said Peter Drozda, business operations manager at American Orthodontics. “Avensia quickly understood what we wanted to achieve and could advise on updated business processes that aligned with our objectives of creating an enhanced customer experience making complex product orders, increasing internal efficiency and automation while driving revenue, managing costs, and adhering to compliance requirements.”

The e-commerce site is designed to serve a global market with highly complex and configurable products and stringent compliance requirements, and to enter new markets with less effort.

American Orthodontics selected Avensia for its proven digital commerce experience and understanding of challenging business processes and integrations, and Avensia’s platform partner, Optimizely, for its robust e-commerce technology and content management system.

“Consolidating multiple ERPs and e-commerce solutions into one system, serving over 100 markets, requires a highly talented joint team, strong leadership, tough prioritizations, and a deep understanding of American Orthodontics’ business and goals and the technology capabilities,” said Johan Liljeros, Avensia’s general manager and senior commerce advisor for North America. “We are proud to be the select partner helping American Orthodontics on this transformation journey and looking forward to continuing assisting the company in expanding its global footprint.”

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