Candid shut down its direct-to-consumer business and will now focus on its CandidPro telehealth service model.

Candid announced that it is closing down its direct-to-consumer business and all 45 of the company’s Candid Studios. 

“It was incredibly difficult to close the DTC business and our Studio doors,” said Nick Greenfield, Candid co-founder and chief executive officer. “But, for us to live out our mission of helping as many people as possible access affordable and efficient care, we need to work in partnership, not in competition, with dental professionals.”

The company is now entirely focused on growing its nationwide network of CandidPro dentists that treat clear aligner cases with Candid’s vanguard teleorthodontic service model. 

Candid is now working in direct partnership with dental practices and DSOs to offer its telehealth clear aligner therapy to even more patients.

Candid’s shift to a full CandidPro model continues the company’s mission to facilitate orthodontic care for as many people as possible.

Since CandidPro’s launch, the service has become available in over 300 individual dental practices across the country, and Candid has partnered with several DSOs.

Photo courtesy of Candid