Stratasys ObjetEden optStratasys Ltd, Eden Prairie, Minn, makers of the Objet-line of 3D printing systems, announced that ClearCorrect LLC, Houston, manufacturer of ClearCorrect clear aligners, has significantly scaled the number of Objet Eden 3D Printers it has onsite.

The addition of the new printers is aimed at increasing ClearCorrect’s capacity by 30%. The move is expected to improve efficiency and make the company more responsive in the manufacture and delivery of its orthodontic aligners on a mass scale.

“The Objet Eden 3D Printers are pivotal to ClearCorrect in the competitive environment we operate in. Increasing revenue and substantial growth continues to be fueled by our focus on digital production, enabled by Stratasys’ Objet-line 3D Printers,” said Jarrett Pumphrey, CEO of ClearCorrect.