Cloud Dentistry’s Engage for Change program helps dental professionals can find community outreach opportunities and volunteer.

Cloud Dentistry recently enhanced its platform and simultaneously introduced its Engage for Change Program to connect socially conscious dental professionals with public health and non-profit programs in their communities.

“We’re simplifying the process of connecting dental professionals, who want to donate their time and services, to local public health programs for underserved residents of their communities,” said Trey Tepichin, Cloud Dentistry chief executive officer. “This will have an enormous grass roots effect on the health and prosperity of communities across the country.”

Here are the details about how Engage for Change works on the Cloud Dentistry dental job marketplace platform.

  • The “Engage for Change” program is free for dental hygienists, dental assistants, dentists and in some cases, depending on the event, the front desk staff as well.
  • Dental Professionals can browse the community outreach events in their area and sign up for those that pique their interest.
  • Posting community outreach event listings is free for event organizers via this link.
  • On the Cloud Dentistry platform, dental professionals can sign up for events that interest them right through their dashboard under the “Upcoming Events” tab.
  • Cloud Dentistry will be offering thousands of dollars in rewards to frequently participating dental professionals.

To learn more about Engage for Change, download the FAQs and Features and Benefits documents or contact community outreach manager, Amber D’Andrea at [email protected].

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