Mona Zemsky, the marketing manager at Yates & Bird/Motloid for the past 18 years, has left this position to start M.Source, a new hands-on marketing strategy company. Zemsky’s new business venture is aimed at helping companies grow sales, results, and exposure with hands-on, practical strategies that maximize bang for the buck.
M.Source’s niche is small, successful companies in which the owner knows he needs marketing help but doesn’t want to commit to a full-time person, and may not have the time to conceive, evaluate, and implement marketing ideas. Zemsky said, "My clients get the best of both worlds: the big-picture mind-set, long-term thinking, and passion of a dedicated employee/partner and the low risk and greater flexibility of a freelancer."

Zemsky adds, "My favorite part of my business is determining what’s unique about a client’s company or idea, and thinking of different ways to improve and increase business. I love the challenge: a never-ending, constantly-changing puzzle to solve on behalf of my clients."

Zemsky can be contacted at [email protected].