Grin’s smart scans use AI to improve patient scans and deliver dental professionals with better images for treatment summaries.

Grin, a digital platform that provides orthodontic solutions with trusted local doctors, announced the AI patient Scan Guide and doctor Scan Summary for the Grin teledental teeth-straightening system.

The Grin platform includes the Grin App, Grin Scope, and Grin Scope mini, which are FDA-listed medical devices serving as an intraoral adaptor to retract cheeks and provide full views of patients’ mouths.

Grin’s Remote Monitoring and Consultation capabilities suite benefit from AI technology, designed to improve patient experiences and accuracy, doctor insights, and practice efficiencies.

The Grin AI Scan Guide is a real-time scan system designed to improve the quality of a mouth scan. The AI Scan Summary uses deep-learning to automatically select the best intraoral visuals from patients so doctors can determine treatment priorities. Together, these features use AI to help doctors expand their reach and increase the quality of their offerings.

“Grin is investing in AI that complements the doctor and patient journey for oral health’s next frontier,” said Adam Schulhof,  DMD, Grin chief executive officer. “Integrating smart systems that save doctors time and intelligently guide patients to take the best images possible will increase orthodontist access, the quality of treatment, and overall patient experience. Introducing the latest AI tools is a huge step towards realizing our vision to scale doctors’ ability to be in the care loop while expanding  with advanced technology offerings.”

The AI-enhanced Scan Guide augments the Grin Scope and self-scan process to create a comprehensive orthodontist-ready video of a patient’s mouth. The system achieves this by using computer vision and machine learning algorithms to identify the 5 optimal Grin Scope positions required by care teams for an examination. 

While patients scan from their homes, the technology alerts users when the scope captures an ideal angle and informs patients when to continue with their scan.

In addition to doctors receiving a 34-second scan provided by patients, Grin AI technology processes the video. It automatically extracts the 5 scan moments from each major jaw position: front, lower, upper, left, and right.

Grin then creates images out of these ideal moments for doctors to view. While doctors may choose to view the entire video, they have AI highlighting the most advantageous angle. The Grin AI Scan Summary also limits variability and sharpens the scan’s focus with sophisticated algorithms. Using the algorithms, the AI Scan Summary exceeds  90% accuracy, according to Grin.

“Our intelligent software translates into heightened capabilities over achieving increasingly accurate results with greater efficiency over time,” said Alon Lipnik, Grin vice president of engineering and co-founder. “This means that we can offer the best experiences for patients and provide the cutting-edge tools that our doctor network demands.”

Photo courtesy of Grin