Glidewell Acquired ORB Innovations, a UK-based startup that developed a smart fitness tracker that is wearable in the mouth.

ORB Innovations Limited, a UK start-up that has developed a technology platform to measure physiological parameters such as heart rate, as well as biomechanics such as head impacts, has agreed to be acquired by Glidewell.

The ORB technology platform is a unique fitness tracker in that it is wearable in the mouth. In some sports it is also the only wearable that can be worn during competitive activities.

“We are thrilled to join the Glidewell family. As one of the largest dental companies in the world, with a 50-year track record of pioneering new technology, we feel we have found a natural home,” said Robert Paterson, chief executive officer and cofounder of ORB Innovations. “The acquisition will allow us to accelerate the launch of our unique platform in the U.S. and to increase the pace of our research and development in other areas. Together, ORB Innovations and Glidewell will bring to market a whole range of smart oral products that will provide flexible new options for health-conscious consumers.”

Glidewell has a formidable record of technological innovation since its founding in 1970, but this acquisition marks the first investment in smart dental products in its expansive portfolio.

“We see the platform the ORB team has developed as an exciting evolution for the sports market,” said Stephenie Goddard, Glidewell CEO. “And it’s easy to envision application in other wellness-related areas, in line with Glidewell’s mission to bring innovative solutions to dental practitioners and their patients all over the world.”

Photo courtesy of ORB Innovations