Buffalo Dental Manufacturing released the Trap-Eze Plaster Plus, a disposable sink trap that captures plaster, wax, and microplastics.

Buffalo Dental Manufacturing (BDM), maker of handpieces, lab products, lab equipment and vacuum forming materials and accessories, recently launched Trap-Eze Plaster Plus a specially designed, disposable sink trap that can effectively capture plaster, wax, floating materials, polishing compounds, abrasives, pumice, steel wool and microplastics.

According to National Geographic, Microplastics have been detected in many marine organisms, in commercial seafood, and in drinking water. Standard water treatment facilities cannot remove all traces of microplastics.. Microplastics in the ocean can also bind with other harmful chemicals before being ingested by marine life.

Dental practices commonly release microplastics into municipal wastewater from dental procedures such as removing and adjusting restorations or by milling and grinding crowns, inlays and onlays. The amount of microplastics generated per procedure is small, but occurs frequently.

Although it is not known exactly what percentage of global microplastic pollution originates from dental offices and dental labs, it’s possible to reduce that percentage with the Trap-Eze PlasterPlus trap.

Recently added to BDG’s widely popular line of plaster traps, the new, patent-pending product not only captures microplastic particles, but also wax, floating materials, polishing compounds, abrasives, pumice, and steel wool that can cause drain clogs.

The Trap-Eze PlasterPlus is made in the U.S. and includes the following features:

  • Designed to slow water discharge flow rate and allow sediment to settle out of wastewater.
  • Fast and easy trap replacement and installation.
  • Disposable – No permanent traps to clean or messy liners to replace.
  • For use in dental offices, clinics, and labs.

Photo courtesy of BDM