The Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures (OSAP) announced the September winners for its “I See IC” Contest for YouTube-style video clips and still photos that promote infection control in the operatory.

The winner in the video category is Risa Simon, CMC, of Simon Says Solutions, for “Flash Floor Technique.” The winners in the still photo category are Philip Kim and Jasrit Pahal, second-year dental students from the University of Manitoba faculty of dentistry, for “Good from Far … Far from Good.” The winners received iPod Nanos.

The "I See IC" contest continues through the end of the year, with prizes for each category awarded monthly. At the end of the year, a grand prize winner will be selected. To enter the contest, participants create a short video clip or still photo that either captures good infection control procedures in action or unmasks the hazards of poor technique. A link on the OSAP Web site allows entrants to upload their submissions. Contest rules and criteria for acceptable entries are also posted online. There is no charge to enter.