OrthoSynetics, provider of business services to orthodontic and dental practices worldwide, has launched its revamped Web site, www.orthosynetics.com, as part of the company’s effort to bolster communication with its doctors and new customers.

"We redesigned our site with the goals of serving our customers better, allowing existing and potential new team members to more easily contact us, and providing a modern, professional virtual storefront for our organization," said Chris Roussos, president and CEO of OrthoSynetics. "Combined with our new blog, we have created a virtual Web community where anyone can learn about our company, our services, our team members, and our vision."

The site’s new feature include a searchable database of the company’s practices, an interactive presentation detailing the company’s service offerings, testimonials and success stories, contact information, links to industry organizations, and the ability to find new opportunities for growth within the organization.

“More than just a marketing piece, this new Web site is an interactive portal into our organization,” said Roussos. "We are leaving no stone unturned in our effort to more effectively communicate with our customers, suppliers and new customer base."

[PR Newswire, October 17, 2007]