This week, Hu-Friedy, Chicago, is supporting dental hygienists with its #ShowUsYourPurple campaign. The annual, social media-driven event goes into high gear from October 16 to 20, and comes as the American Dental Hygienists’ Association marks Dental Hygiene Month. The month serves to remind patients, clinicians, and policymakers alike of the importance of home-based and clinical oral care, as well as access to care.

Dental hygienists and their supporters are encouraged to wear purple—the official color of dental hygiene—and share photos of themselves doing so on social media channels with the hashtag #ShowUsYourPurple.

“Hu-Friedy has many different customer segments, but one group in particular has always been near and dear to our hearts: Dental Hygienists,” explains Hu-Friedy Chief Marketing Officer Patrick Bernardi. “In addition to creating a welcoming and nurturing experience for patients, the real impact of Dental Hygienists is that they save lives. Dental Hygienists are on the front lines of oral health; given how much we know about the connection between oral health and systemic health, the value of the Dental Hygienist cannot be understated. This is why we created the #ShowUsYourPurple campaign—to express our gratitude and to deliver a rallying cry for this special group to celebrate one another.”

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the annual Hu-Friedy #ShowUsYourPurple event.