OrthoAccel Inc, Houston, launched a new interactive case gallery aimed at demonstrating the clinical benefits orthodontists have realized with use of AcceleDent®, an orthodontic vibratory device.

Visitors to acceledent.com/casegallery can filter AcceleDent cases by appliance and clinical conditions to more easily identify cases in the gallery that have a similar set of diagnostic conditions to those that a current patient presents with in their practice. The gallery features cases from 20 contributing doctors and an equal mix of braces and aligner cases, according to the company.

Each of the more than 40 cases currently in the new interactive gallery includes pre- and post-treatment patient records and results as well as diagnostic and other relevant treatment information. The cases are paired with additional relevant clinical resources such as webinars and journal articles.

Additional clinical education assets provided by OrthoAccel include archived webinars and an interactive directory of peer-reviewed studies supporting AcceleDent, including two randomized controlled trials.