OrthoAccel® Technologies Inc, Houston, has launched a new online gallery of more than 40 case studies, assembled from 24 orthodontists to show how AcceleDent® is used by doctors as part of clinical treatment.

Manufactured by OrthoAccel, AcceleDent is an FDA-cleared device that uses patented SoftPulse Technology® to produce pulsating forces that stimulate cellular activity in orthodontic treatment and speed up bone remodeling. According to the company, when used by patients for 20 minutes daily in conjunction with their braces or aligners, the device speeds up orthodontic treatment by as much as 50% while reducing discomfort.

The online gallery includes case studies from a number of international lecturers and a wide array of malocclusions, treatment approaches, and mechanics. The gallery was created to serve as a resource for orthodontists interested in familiarizing themselves with the device’s technology as well as those considering how to integrate AcceleDent into their practices.

Cases in the gallery can be identified and grouped by a set of diagnostic conditions similar to those that a current patient presents with, allowing orthodontists to use these cases as a guide when determining optimal treatment protocols. Each case in the gallery provides treatment class diagnosis, estimated length of treatment without AcceleDent, orthodontic appliance used (braces or aligners), and actual length of treatment with AcceleDent. Pre- and post-treatment photographic records are included with the case information.