The practices of David Sarver, DMD, MS, and Tim Trulove, DMD, MS, have partnered with the orthodontic service organization Orthodontic Partners. 

Orthodontic Partners, an orthodontic service organization, announced that orthodontists David Sarver, DMD, MS, and Tim Trulove, DMD, MS, have partnered with the group, establishing Orthodontic Partners’ presence in Alabama. Founded by orthodontists, Orthodontic Partners has affiliated practices in Colorado, Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and now Alabama. 

Sarver, author of two textbooks—his most recent release being Dentofacial Esthetics: From Macro to Micro, and co-author of four orthodontic textbooks—is a founding partner and clinical director for Orthodontic Partners. On what the partnership means for his practice, he said, “There is a huge benefit to aggregation at this critical point in the orthodontic profession. Orthodontics has become very clinically complicated, and case management has become much more difficult. Management of the business side of the practice has also increased in complexity, both of which have resulted in a significant increase in stress for the doctor. We’re creating an environment that is conducive to the ‘traditional’ model of an orthodontic practice while sharing best practices on a broader scale. 

“At this time in my career, partnering with [Orthodontic Partners] is going to allow me to focus more time on my passion of educating orthodontists with what I have learned in over 40 years of practice and research. As the business management side of orthodontics becomes more competitive and difficult to navigate, we want other orthodontists to be able to do more of what they love to do: provide life-changing treatment for their patients.”

According to Orthodontic Partners, it is partnering with like-minded doctors who are committed to ongoing professional and practice growth. The organization contends that it provides partner practices with a detailed road map to help them successfully navigate changing consumer preferences and industry challenges. For doctors considering a partnership, Orthodontic Partners states that its goal is “a seamless transition grounded in simplicity, fairness, and mutual respect.” 

“We are creating a group where high-quality patient care is the center of our mission, and doctors are encouraged to share ideas and best practices – to help all who are involved grow as practitioners,” says Trulove, Orthodontic Partners doctor and member of their Clinical Advisory Board. 

Orthodontic Partners CEO Chip Hurlburt added, “We proudly welcome these new partners to the Orthodontic Partners family. We look forward to working with them as we seek like-minded doctors interested in building a different kind of orthodontic service organization to help secure the future of the profession.”