President and CEO Michael Gassman created Alignflow to effectively deliver telehealth to orthodontists during the COVID crisis.

Michael Gassman, president and chief executive officer of Alignflow, appeared on OrthoThrive recently to discuss the company’s virtual care platform. This episode is now available through the on-demand platform.

Gassman, who has a history developing next-generation digital technology solutions focused on providing advanced patient care and practice profitability, was responsible for developing the first graphics software on the IBM PC, as well as managing the team responsible for designing the spreadsheet engine used to calculate mutual fund NAVs in the Wall Street Journal. Alignflow is his most recent project. He designed it to deliver telehealth to orthodontists, physicians, and physical therapists during the COVID crisis.

Next week’s episode will feature Barry Waldman, owner of Big Fly Communications. He is also an adjunct professor of communication at the College of Charleston. Waldman will talk about all things PR and how it can benefit your practice.