Citing the ongoing pandemic, the company says that the new September date for the International Dental Show does not sway its decision to refrain from participating. 

Dentsply Sirona announced that it will not attend the International Dental Show (IDS), even though the show’s date has been moved to September 2021. The company says it stands by its decision to refrain from participating after weighing all the facts. 

According to Dentsply Sirona’s current estimates, the company expects restrictions in place due to COVID-19 are unlikely to change substantially enough to allow for its attendance at IDS. The company continues to assume that it will not likely be possible to implement the proximity and depth of consultation that the company typically puts on at a show. Based on existing travel restrictions, the company further expects fewer national and international customer visits to Cologne, the site of the IDS. 

This decision also applies to Dentsply Sirona brands VDW, MIS, and Zhermack. 

Walter Petersohn, chief commercial officer at Dentsply Sirona, said, “This was a tough decision for us. We respect the organizers’ efforts to make this show possible by moving the 39th IDS to September 2021. However, in order to prepare for such a major trade show, we need absolute planning certainty, which unfortunately does not exist at the moment in view of COVID-19. The usual magic and buzz of the IDS can probably not be guaranteed in September 2021 because of the conditions we expect may still continue due to the pandemic. In addition, health protection of our customers and employees is a top priority. We therefore highly regret that we must refrain from participating this year, but already now look very much forward to participating in the 40th IDS.”