The artificial intelligence based platform is intended to help promote dental and specialty practices, connect to new and existing patients, and coordinate staff and doctor availability. 

DigiBrain4 Inc, and its consortium HCDS Inc, announced the release of iSmartOffice, an artificial intelligence (AI) based dental practice management and marketing app. What the company calls an all-in-one solution, the mobile apps and web portals that make up iSmartOffice are intended to help promote practices, connect to new and existing patients, coordinate staff and doctor availability, optimize patient scheduling, streamline insurance claims, and pre-screen patients via its integrated HIPAA compliant AI system—DR ANNIE. 

The app features a teledentistry option that connects patients to a dentist or dental specialty practice. Patients can reportedly narrow their search using one or more of the app’s multiple search criteria which are driven by AI to find a custom fit. If patients aren’t sure what they are looking for, iSmartOffice can also provide guidance. Equipped with dental imaging AI, known as DR ANNIE, patients can take or upload oral photos and receive instant service and provider recommendations, according to the creators. The teledentistry feature also allows providers to remotely monitor patients. 

iSmartOffice can reportedly be integrated into most dental management software and can be accessed from anywhere and on any computer or Android/iOS mobile device. 

The app is designed to unify the three components of the practice, according to the company: the clinic management team, the staff, and the patients.