ZNO Robotics, makers of a robot assistant for the orthodontic practice have rebranded as Zeeno Robotics.

With the new name, the company has also changed its logo and website address, now at zeenorobotics.com

This change is more than just cosmetic, though, it is the beginning of a brand new set of values at Zeeno.

The updated, more sleek brand design and website represent the company’s efforts to improve the Zeeno Robot.

The improvements are aimed at enhancing the efficiency and technological prowess of the clinicians that adopt Zeeno Robots into their offices and impact the patient experience of dentistry.

Zeeno is a robotic office solution for dental practice designed to help out with tasks around the office and help patients.

The robot can be tasked with greeting and escorting patients, carrying instruments for sterilization, playing educational videos and music, and entertaining patients.