Smile Doctors added 21 new clinics and 7 practices to its network of orthodontists from 6 different states.

Smile Doctors started 2023 with the addition of 21 new clinics to their network orthodontists, further propelling the orthodontic service organization forward.

The 21 locations are made up of 7 new practices in 6 states, including entry into Arizona, bringing the total number of states Smile Doctors’ serves to 28. The practices are Johnson Orthodontics (IA), Johnson Orthodontics (CO), Imagine Braces (CO), Grinz Orthodontics (NC and AZ), Henneberry Orthodontics (OK), Modern Orthodontics (FL), and Craig and Streight Orthodontics (OK).

The practices are led by 12 expert doctors, all of whom participated in one-on-one discussions with the Smile Doctors’ leadership and culture team before joining the network. The discussions ensure the partnership is one that will be successful for all parties: the organization, the clinic teams, and the patients.

“Smile Doctors has an exceptional culture, and we are committed to protecting it at all costs to ensure alignment around what we’re striving to do in our communities, with our patients and our team,” said J. Hedrick, chief executive officer of Smile Doctors. “Do the practice’s values align with our values and mission? Do they put the patient first? Are they focused on great patient experience and great patient outcomes? Do they have a growth mindset where they want to continue to learn and adapt and figure out new and better ways to do things? That’s what we’re looking for and those are the questions we ask before moving forward with bringing a new doctor and practice into our network.”

Since Hedrick joined Smile Doctors as CEO in early 2020, the organization has more than doubled the number of clinics, bringing the total number of locations to over 390, a number they expect to grow steadily over the next 5 years.

Smile Doctors says that three-quarters of the practices the organization partners with are introduced by an orthodontist within the Smile Doctors network.

Affiliated practices have access to a variety of services including human resources, onboarding, marketing, accounting and finance, revenue cycle management, supply chain, legal, and operations.

The services allow the affiliated orthodontists to focus their energy on their patients. Affiliated doctors have the opportunity to shape the future of their professional passions and express influence across a large network of their peers. They also gain access to the latest cutting-edge technology and benefit from Smile Doctors’ turnkey relationships with leading vendors.

“The decision to join Smile Doctors’ was an easy one,” said Terence R. Ziehmer, DDS, MSD of Grinz Orthodontics. “I knew consolidation was the next natural step for my practice, and I wanted to make sure the organization I partnered with not only provided great support and services but is also made up of good people who love what they do, care deeply for the patients and teams, and treat partners as actual partners.”

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