After a year of growth in 2021, Smile Doctors announced that it has partnered with eight new practices in the first quarter of 2022.

Smile Doctors announced that the company had one of its best years of growth in 2021, partnering with 31 new practices, representing 71 locations and 65 doctors.

Growth has continued throughout Q1 2022, including the addition of 8 practices representing 18 clinics and 17 doctors.

The total number of states now served by the Smile Doctors family of affiliated practices climbs to 25, with recent expansion into New Jersey, bringing the number of clinics the OSO represents to 324.

Newly affiliated practices in Q1 2022 include:

  • Paschal Orthodontics (Georgia)
  • Schieck Orthodontics (Minnesota)
  • Olsen Orthodontics (North Carolina)
  • Innovative Orthodontics and Center for Dental Health (New Jersey)
  • Beckstrom Orthodontics (Ohio)
  • Brace Yourself Orthodontics (Ohio)
  • Wang Orthodontics (New Jersey)
  • Sacks Orthodontics (New Jersey)

Private practices that become part of the Smile Doctors family benefit from economies of scale, gaining access to operational and financial tools that make their practices more efficient and profitable. The benefits enable doctors to focus their attention and expertise on patient experience and outcomes.

“Smile Doctors’ growth is a testament to the partnership approach we take. Our model, as a support system for affiliated practices, is what sets Smile Doctors apart from other DSOs. Newly affiliated practices experience the benefit of maintaining their brand in the local community while achieving economies of scale through a collaborative organization,” said J. Hedrick, chief executive officer of Smile Doctors. “Our doctors and clinic teams can focus on providing exceptional patient care, while the support team concentrates on building and maintaining business functionality.”

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