Structo-Velox-3Structo, Singapore, a dental 3D printer company, launched its new dental 3D printer, the Structo Velox. The Velox comes with integrated autonomous post-processing features that are designed to allow users to go from the designed appliance to the printed part at the push of a button.

According to the company, this level of automation of 3D printing and post-processes has only been available previously to dental laboratories.

The low-footprint desktop Structo Velox 3D printer features a patented fully autonomous post-processing system to streamline the appliance’s manufacturing process in the practice. The Velox system comprises three stages—print, wash, and cure—on a rotating carousel (see picture). The Velox also features Structo’s new AutoPrint pre-processing service, a cloud service to which users upload an STL file, after which the nesting, supporting, and slicing are automatically completed. Thus, the printer can start automatically without requiring any further user intervention.

The Velox uses a single-use cartridge-based system. According to the company, a wide range of materials are available for use with the Velox, making it capable of printing everything from models and surgical guides to denture bases and temporaries, and allowing for use in nearly all dental applications, from orthodontics to prosthetics.

The Structo Velox 3D printer will debut at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, February 22 to 24, 2018.